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Ways for Kids to Help!

There are many ways for individual children as well as student, scouting, and other groups to get involved and help the animals cared for by South Suburban Humane Society. Here are some ideas, but feel free to think of your own!
Kitty Forts for Cats and Kittens

Kitty forts:

  • Are easy and fun to make!
  • Provide a safe, secure perching spot or retreat for kitties
  • Provide a structure that can be scratched or rubbed against
  • Create a comforting environment that carries the cat’s scent on it
  • Can be enhanced with toys to add to their enjoyment
  • Can go with the kitty to his or her new home, providing comfort during the transition

How to do it:

  • Select a cardboard box with these approximate dimensions: 12” x 12” x 12”
  • Note: “Big box” stores often provide free boxes near the cash registers
  • Cut out a large opening for the front side (ask an adult for assistance)
  • Cover the box with construction paper, butcher block paper or mailing paper
  • Use only nontoxic school glue
  • Decorate your kitty forts with ink stamps or small stickers
  • Please do not use string or yarn

Bandanas for Dogs!

  • Cut material into various sized triangles to make festive, colorful bandanas for dogs of all sizes! 

Braided Dog & Cat Toys

  • Tie cloth into long braids.
  • Tie at both ends
  • Cut off fringe pieces

Hold a Wish List Drive

View our current wish list below to find out what supplies are needed at our shelter and hold a wish list drive to collect those items. Advertise at your school (with permission) or in your neighborhood and find a designated area to collect items. Get a few representatives to take the supplies to the shelter and see the animals who will benefit from your hard work. You can also do a specific drives such as a food drive!

Hold a Pop Can or Coin Drive
Hold a pop can or coin drive with a clever name such as Cans for Cats, Pop Cans for Pets, Pennies for Pets, Dimes for Dogs or Cash for Cats. Place canisters in your classroom (with permission) to collect money for the animals. You can also hold car washes, bake sales, or other events to raise money for the animals.

Make No-Sew Blankets
Click here to find instructions in making "No-Sew" blankets.

Megan Schoenbeck,
Nov 12, 2012, 4:04 PM